AlexPro 760/808nm and Diode 810nm:
Unleash the Power of Painless Hair Removal

AlexPro 760/808nm and Diode 810nm

Introducing AlexPro, the revolutionary technology exclusive to Biotec Italia and Evoskin. With a formidable 4000W of power, it flawlessly combines the wavelengths of 760 and 808nm, providing unparalleled versatility and precision to meet individualized hair treatment needs. Unlike any other laser, it is able to safely and effectively treat all skin types and hair types, from light and thin to dark and coarse. With its motion speed mode, you can cover large areas in record time, and its advanced cooling technology and Super Burst pulse management make it the gold standard in hair removal. Experience the best in hair removal with AlexPro.

The Diode 810nm laser, available in both 1200W and 2800W versions, leverages the advanced technology of AlexPro and utilizes the 810nm wavelength to deliver effective hair removal results. With its powerful output, this laser offers quick and efficient treatments while ensuring maximum comfort for all skin types, including dark phototypes. The advanced cooling system and pulse management technology make it a top-performing laser in the market.

AlexPro aesthetic treatment indications and applications

AlexPro medical treatment indications and applications

Technical Specifications

INTERFACE 10.1″ LCD Touchscreen Color Display
DIMENSIONS 13 3/8 x 26 3/8 x 39 3/8 inches (340 x 670 x 1000mm)
WEIGHT 154lb (70Kg)
SYSTEM COOLING Water / Air / Thermoelectric
LASER TYPE High Power Diode
WAVE LENGTH 760/808nm
PULSE WIDTH Up to 120ms
SPOT SIZE 9 X 9 (81mm2) – 6 x 6 (36mm2) Interchangeable prism
SKIN COOLING Water Cold Sapphire
EXPECTED LIFETIME 20.000.000 Pulses
LASER EMISSION CONTROL Footswitch & Handpiece Switch
LASER TYPE High Power Diode
PULSE WIDTH Up to 480ms
SPOT SIZE 9 X 9 (81mm2) – 6 x 6 (36mm2) Interchangeable Prism
SKIN COOLING Water Cold Sapphire
EXPECTED LIFETIME 20.000.000 Pulses
LASER EMISSION CONTROL Footswitch & Handpiece Switch

Explore the Cutting-Edge Technology of AlexPro for Hair Removal

Motion Speed 10.10.10

The Motion Speed 10.10.10 technology is a game-changer in therapeutic treatments. With a blazing speed of 10 pulses per second, a short pulse duration of 10 milliseconds, and a high energy output of 10 joules per pulse, this innovative approach ensures precise and effective results without any risks of side effects or discomfort.

The “Motion Speed” mode enables dynamic energy emission, covering larger treatment areas in a fraction of the time, while maximizing patient comfort and clinical outcomes. Get ready to experience the future of therapeutic treatments with the Motion Speed 10.10.10 technology.

Long Pulse

The long, single or train of impulses ensure effectiveness on even light and hard-to-treat hairs. The user-selectable long pulse mode provides high fluency when needed. The laser beam emission window’s cooling guarantees safe treatment.

Super Burst

The diode’s pulse capabilities allow for precise and effective hair removal through customizable micro-pulsing (up to 5 micro pulses). This feature provides a high fluence for even difficult-to-remove hairs without causing thermal damage to the surrounding skin. The duration, energy, and interval of each pulse can be precisely adjusted for optimal results.

Plug-In Optics

The interchangeable Plug-In optics, with cooling capabilities, ensure fast and effective treatments while also preserving the skin’s surface. With their 81mm2 and 36mm2 options, they provide versatility and reliability.

760/808nm pulses

The pulse produced by the diode can be segmented into up to 5 micro pulses, an indispensable feature to easily remove unnecessary hair that requires very high fluences while respecting the integrity of the skin from thermal damage. The duration, energy and interval of each individual pulse can be selected.

AlexPro Frozen Tip

Efficient cooling

The PLUG-IN optics with interchangeable 81mm2 and 36mm2 sizes and advanced cooling technology ensure quick and efficient treatments while safeguarding the skin’s surface.

Efficiency and durability

The mechanical connection and clamping of the bars ensure both the efficiency and durability of the module.

AlexPro - select treatment

Software interface

The user-friendly software, with its intuitive interface, simplifies the use of the laser and makes it accessible for anyone to operate with ease.

Real-World Results: Clinical Cases on the Efficacy of AlexPro for Hair Removal

The AlexPro 760/808 nm and Diode 810nm laser technologies have undergone extensive clinical testing by a team of top medical doctors and specialists across 60 countries. These patented technologies offer safe and effective hair removal treatments, without any discomfort or harm to the skin. The protocols have been thoroughly evaluated and proven to deliver durable and efficient results.

Hair removal treatment

The hair removal treatment utilizes cutting-edge laser technology based on selective photo thermolysis. The light energy is absorbed by the targeted chromophore, melanin, and converted into heat which results in the safe and pain-free destruction of hair follicles with unparalleled efficacy.

Hair removal on the chin

Hair removal on the abdomen

Uncover the Answers: FAQ Guide on AlexPro Hair Removal Diode Laser

AlexPro uses diode laser technology to selectively target melanin in the hair follicle. The laser beam is delivered in short bursts, ensuring the energy is directed to the follicle without damaging surrounding tissue. The built-in cooling system provides additional safety, allowing patients to experience the benefits of hair removal without discomfort or skin damage.

Unlike temporary methods such as shaving, waxing, or depilatory creams, AlexPro offers permanent hair reduction and is effective in treating ingrown hairs. Temporary methods need to be repeated frequently, while AlexPro provides long-lasting results.

The “Motion Speed” mode of AlexPro is virtually painless, however, some individuals may experience discomfort at higher fluences.

AlexPro is safe for all skin phototypes, even tanned skin. Special parameters are used for darker phototypes and tanned skin, including lower energy levels and longer pulse durations to prevent skin damage. Proper parameter selection allows individuals with any skin type to benefit from laser hair removal treatment.

The diode laser technology used in AlexPro has been well established as effective in achieving permanent hair reduction on all skin types, including tanned skin. On average, it takes 3 to 5 treatment sessions to see significant results.

It is recommended to avoid sun exposure, waxing, and plucking hair before the treatment, as well as wearing sunblock to protect the skin after the treatment. It is always best to consult with a professional for personalized preparation instructions.

The number of treatment sessions required depends on various factors such as skin type, hair color, and thickness. On average, it takes 3 to 5 sessions to see significant results. A professional will be able to provide a personalized treatment plan based on individual needs.