Transform Your Skin with Xlase Plus:
A One-Stop Solution for Hair, Tattoo, Pigmentation & Skin Rejuvenation

Xlase Plus: The Ultimate Laser Platform for Skin Resurfacing, Vascular Lesions, Hair Removal, Pigmentation and Tattoo Removal

Xlase Plus is a laser platform that is used for skin resurfacing, vascular lesions, hair removal, pigmentation and tattoo removal. It is a versatile and cutting-edge platform that features a modular design that offers multiple application solutions.

Some of the features of Xlase Plus include:

  • Integration of two diode lasers, three solid-state pumped lasers, and a Calibrated Pulsed Light
  • Indications for medical and aesthetic use including skin resurfacing, vascular lesions, hair removal, pigmentation, and tattoo removal
  • 100% Made in Italy technology integrated in the handpiece, no fiber optics requiring technician re-alignment and servicing
  • Compact and easy to move around in the practice
  • Automatic recognition of laser source
  • High levels of energy to ensure best results and patient satisfaction
  • Safe and approved for all skin types I-VI
  • Never obsolete: expansions and upgrades available over time
  • Two-years warranty
  • Low maintenance costs
  • No consumables required
  • High return on investment without compromising on quality and safety

Xlase Plus is the All-in-One Laser Platform that includes different laser sources like AlexPro 760/808nm, Diode 810nm, SLP ND:YAG 1064nm, QS ND:YAG 1064nm, ER:YAG Fractional 2940nm and CPL Calibrated Pulsed Light. Each laser source has its own unique characteristics and indications.

Discover the Versatile Power of Xlase Plus Laser for Aesthetic Solutions

Introducing the AlexPro, the ultimate hair removal solution from Biotec Italia and Evoskin. With a powerful 4000W output, this exclusive technology combines the benefits of alexandrite and diode lasers to safely treat all skin types and hair textures, from light to dark. The AlexPro offers unparalleled versatility, with the ability to adjust the wavelength percentages depending on the individual’s phototype and hair characteristics. The “motion speed” mode enables fast treatment of large areas, while the “efficient cooling” technology and “Super Burst” pulse management ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness. The Diode version, available in 1200W and 2800W versions, is a concentrated version of the AlexPro technology, utilizing the 810nm wavelength for optimal results. Experience the gold standard in hair removal with the AlexPro.

The SLP ND:YAG 1064nm handpiece, exclusive to Biotec Italia and Evoskin, is a cutting-edge technology that offers both short and long pulse (SLP) modes to effectively treat a wide range of skin conditions and imperfections. The 1064nm wavelength is a highly effective option for treating deeper skin lesions, and the handpiece’s versatility makes it a popular choice among patients and practitioners in the dermatological and aesthetic fields. Its ability to provide excellent results while maintaining safety makes it a reliable and highly sought-after treatment option.

The Xlase Plus QS ND:YAG 1064nm laser handpiece is a powerful and versatile solution for safe and effective tattoo removal and treatment of pigmented lesions. With its innovative OptoH module, it generates an extremely powerful MegaWatt pulse in just a few nanoseconds, allowing for fast and precise treatment while preserving surrounding tissue from scarring. The unique combination of peak power and short pulse duration (9ns) ensures optimal results, making it a top choice for even dark skin types. This technology is exclusive to Xlase Plus, and its newly designed resonator provides a high energy and perfectly stable laser beam for outstanding results.

The Er:YAG Fractional 2940nm laser is a cutting-edge tool for skin resurfacing and remodeling. Its fractional ablative technology allows for precise and controllable treatment, resulting in a faster recovery time for patients. Its precision and control make it an ideal choice for both doctors and patients, as it ensures a quick recovery time after treatment.

The laser source emits a beam of light in the infrared spectrum, which is highly attracted to the water in tissue. Its 2940nm wavelength absorbs water 16 times more than CO2 lasers, making it more effective and less aggressive than traditional CO2 lasers. This allows for targeted treatment of epidermal and superficial dermal layers, resulting in smoother and more youthful-looking skin.

The CPL Calibrated Pulsed Light applicator is a cutting-edge treatment solution for various skin imperfections. It emits high-intensity pulsed light through a Xenon lamp and specialized optical guide, targeting specific areas with precision. The applicator also features an interchangeable optical filter that can be tailored to the specific skin type and imperfection being treated, including superficial vascular and pigmented lesions, photo epilation, and photo rejuvenation. The light emitted by the applicator stimulates collagen production, resulting in improved skin tone, texture, and brightness, all while being non-invasive and providing fast treatment times.